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Herbès Tokens THCA Flower in a Glass Tip Pre-Roll

Herbès Tokens THCA Flower in a Glass Tip Pre-Roll

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The world's first glass tip preroll with torch!

The product includes:

-4 Single Gram Glass Tip Prerolls

-1 Exclusive Herbès Torch

-Carrying Box

It is time to enjoy your elevated moments


Say Goodbye to smoking with cheap cardboard filters!

You will be using a patented glass tip filter from now on.

Join the elite class of glass filtered smokers!

Don’t be embarrassed by passing a soggy joint to your friends anymore.

We gotchu covered…

Imagine the look on your friends’ faces when you pass them an exclusive preroll with a glass tip filter!

Your pre-roll cone should be on the same level as the potent plant medicine you deserve! 

Blast off into the joyous experience!

Our newest addition to the Herbés family is the premier patented Pre-Roll, powered by EVO™.

It is the first and only of its kind. 

Top shelf pre-rolls, hand wrapped, inside of all-natural hemp paper, and capped off with antimicrobial glass tips.

An Innovative Hemp Leaf Cone with great taste that doesn’t interfere with the taste of your top-shelf flower. 

Enjoy a consistent burn without relighting. 

You’ll now have the longest burn time in the market.

Powered By EVO - These conicle tips are created with a heat resistant glass so that you never burn your lips.

It is also anti-microbial which means it’s cleaner, residue-free, and of course, always gives you a smooth draw.

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