About Us

About Clean Green Delivery™

Who we are, and what we stand for

At Clean Green Delivery™, we recognize that everyone experiences different moods, and enhancing yours should be simple. That's why we established Clean Green Delivery™, an online platform offering 100% federally legal cannabis sourced from America's cherished farms, designed to swiftly and effortlessly elevate your mood to its optimal state.

Mission: We advocate for cannabis accessibility, affordability, convenience, and transparency. Above all, we prioritize supporting American farmers who are the backbone of our industry.

Story: Clean Green Delivery™ has expanded into a global entity, boasting a dedicated team alongside our extensive network of small-scale U.S. farmers and manufacturing collaborators. We've forged partnerships with many American farms, enriching local economies and championing sustainable agricultural practices.

Values: Our ethos is a dedication to product excellence and unparalleled customer service. Our organizational culture thrives on open communication and inclusivity every individual has a voice, and we firmly believe that by investing in both our team members and our customers, we can all prosper together.

Impact: Social responsibility is ingrained in our business model, not merely an afterthought. This year alone, we've contributed tens of thousands of dollars to pet humane societies and supported political campaigns advocating for cannabis reform, actively contributing to the broader movement toward recognition and acceptance of cannabis