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Herbès Premium THCA Flower - Red Velvet

Herbès Premium THCA Flower - Red Velvet

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Strain: Red Velvet , 34.2% , includes lighter and grinder.


2022 is all about enjoying the most elegant boutique quality flower on the market.

If you’re ready for a Higher Standard in flower, this is for you.

With Flower™, you now have the combination of elegant packaging, utility, and ultra premium flower.

Grown with only all-natural materials and sustainable techniques, you can smoke comfortably, knowing that you have the best flower out of all your friends.

You earned your place amongst the elite patrons of Flower™.

We only have limited batch sizes, be a part of the exclusive group.

“Where’d you find it, how did you get your hands on it?” your friends will ask.

Feel proud sharing it with them…

You see the smirk of joy and awe on their faces…

You gave them that!

As they twist the jar open, the aroma of natural Gelato terpenes captivates the air.

With prior 8th jars, you and your friends searched frantically for a lighter…

Sit back…

…Relax, we got you covered.

Notice the luxurious torch with the royal finish.

It is sustainable and refillable; the last lighter you’ll ever need.

The search is over for bumming lighters off strangers.

We got you covered…

The nifty card is inconspicuous and gracious with design; take it anywhere with you as it is shaped like a business card.

You’ll appreciate the ashtray we have included in the packaging.

Petit in size, but Grande in experience.
We’ve included everything you will need.

No more scrambling around, no more stress.

We have spent years developing the best packaging and growing techniques to serve you.

If you suffer from severe pain, nausea, swelling, migraines, and stress; look no further for relief as symptoms both physical and mood-related will melt away instantly.

All of our strains flaunt a heavy coat of crystal trichomes over its colorful leaves, assuring its potency to any consumer in doubt.

These well-trimmed batches of Flower™ have the traditional color scheme in full effect with obvious amount of purple, green, blue, and red making its way throughout the green flowers.

The dense buds are each laden with crystal white trichomes.

The terpene profiles provide a rich aroma that is true-to-strain and its smoke seems to coat your mouth for minutes after exhale.

Because of this, our strains are a huge hit with everyone who gets a chance to get their hands on it!

Expect to find yourself much more relaxed and joyous within minutes of smoking Flower™.

In fact, we found ourselves here at Herbès reaching for it every time stress or anxiety levels begin to build.

It is time to treat yourself.

It’s time to order your Flower™ today, while they are still available.

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