What Constitutes Plant Medicine to be “Organic”?

What Constitutes Plant Medicine to be “Organic”?

 Today everyone is on the hunt for the most “clean” and “organic” products they can get their hands on. Rightfully so, because nobody wants to put harsh and toxic chemicals into their body if they don’t have to, right? The question I would like to pose is what constitutes being able to call your plant medicine organic?

According to Maximum Yield, “Organic plant is any that is allowed to grow in natural soil without any interference from humankind.” To be labeled organic, there can be no use of pesticides or chemicals to alter the growth process.  Organic plant medicine is said to have stronger smell, taste and effects due to the natural growth process of the plant. Organic plants are also much better when consumed in the following, cbd gummies, cbd oils, cbd tinctures, cbd lotions, cbd patches, cbd candies, cbd dabs, cbd pills and cbd hemp flower because there are no harsh chemicals being put into the body.

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