Plant Tinctures & Topicals for Medical Use

Plant Tinctures & Topicals for Medical Use

As medical research comes rolling in daily, there seems to be no limit to the health benefits of the medicinal plant. Nowadays consumers have a lot of alternatives to traditional smoking or vaping of the medicinal herb. For many health conditions, a tincture or a topical product would be a better solution.

Sublingual Tinctures for Fast Relief

People who suffer from arthritis, muscle pain or panic attacks know the importance of quick relief. Many tinctures and oils are formulated for sublingual use. You can place these products right under the tongue for quick entry into the bloodstream.

Consumers can select from a variety of tinctures to meet personal needs. Sativa tinctures have an energizing effect that can come in handy on long workdays. Alternatively, indica tinctures are designed for relaxation. For a tincture with no psychoactive properties, choose CBD.

The Medicinal Plant Improves Skin Conditions

According to recent U.S. government studies, cannabinoids can help with numerous skin conditions. Many skin conditions have their root in inflammation which cannabinoids help to alleviate. Medicinal plant creams provide treatment right at the source of common ailments such as:

  • Psoriasis
  • Allergic reactions
  • Dermatitis
  • Acne

Researchers have also found quite a bit of evidence that suggests that topical preparations can help treat skin cancer.

Joint and Muscle Pain

Topical plant formulas like salves and creams make the difference when you need a break from acute pain. Sprays and sticks keep your hands clean when applying medicinals. Transdermal patches are discrete and help maintain a constant amount of cannabinoids in the blood for all-day pain relief. 

Plant medicine Treatment for Children and Pets

Medical plants and CBD can have many benefits for the health of children, cats, and dogs. Most of us know the struggle of trying to get kids and pets to take medicine. Tinctures and topical applications are ideal for this purpose.

Plant medicine offers many health benefits for dogs and cats, including reducing inflammation and anxiety. CBD oils and tinctures are indispensable to help animal friends relax during stressful times like thunderstorms or house guests.

In addition to all of these wonderful benefits of tinctures and oils, many are also especially-formulated with other medicinal herbs to customize their use for particular health conditions. With all the topicals and tinctures that we have here at Clean Green Delivery™, you're sure to find the perfect one for you.



Written By: GDW ®

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