Medicinal Kombucha and Your Gut!

Medicinal Kombucha and Your Gut!

Many of us believe that plant medicine has its place in a healthy lifestyle. The wonder plant has been known to effectively kill pain, enhance the enjoyment of music, make food taste even better and melt away stress. It has a soothing effect on the body, mind and soul. Unfortunately, you have to cough a few times to get the medicinal effects.

But blending plant medicine with kombucha can give you an alternative delivery system. The fermented tea drink is refreshing for your palate and your gut. The crisp "Ahhhh!" that you let out is involuntary because it is your intestines talking. Plant medicine and kombucha helps good bacteria thrive in your tummy which has a multitude of healthful effects.

Alternative Delivery System

Smoking can be harmful to your respiratory system, so you may want to think about drinking your pot. This avoids "leather lungs" while you a get a sustained high through your gut. Kombucha is low in sugar, tangy, refreshing and healthy for your belly.

Health Benefits

Plant medicine and kombucha are good for you gut. They allow good bacteria to thrive so drinking plant medicine kombucha is very good for your health. The active ingredients in the plant and the kombucha help to detoxify your system. The drink can also stimulate the immune system, improve digestion, reduce cholesterol, enhance energy and help you to lose weight. And there is some serious prevention potential in the "booch." Kombucha may prevent certain types of cancers and arthritis. So kick back at the end of the day with a cold plant medicine booch for your health.

How to Dose The "Bad Booch"

Legal plant medicine kombucha is going to come with its own method of dosing. Many commercial plant medicine-infused kombuchas are dosed using the cap. Newbies are recommended 10 milligrams of the "bad booch" while experienced users can have a bit more. Remember that ingested plant medicine takes longer to come on, but it tends to hit harder and stay longer than a smoked high. Rookies are recommended to take it slow.

Socially Acceptable

Smokers still get a bad rap even as plant medicine continues to be legalized across the United States and Canada. Only 16.3 percent of Americans use plant medicine for recreational purposes according to a worldwide survey released on 4/20/2017. This makes America the second-most stoned country behind Iceland where it is illegal countrywide. So, smoking plant medicine may not give you the best public image.

Drinking a healthy kombucha gives you a positive image. It looks like you are taking care of your health after a grueling day at pilates class. It's socially acceptable countrywide. Cheers!

More Discreet

Healthy plant medicine infused kombucha can be consumed anywhere discreetly. You'll be able to enjoy the healthy drink at concerts, in public parks and at the newest Pink Floyd laser show down at the science museum. While it is a discreet delivery system, always check and obey your local laws concerning consumption of medicinal plant products.



Written by: GDW®

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